About Found MY Spot

Found My Spot is a community of people who have found their spot in the world be it a place to live, profession, their calling and so on. Our goal is to share our unique experiences, the different paths that lead to happiness and inspire others who might still be looking for their spot in the world. 

Hi my name is valberg

I am a family father from Iceland, IT technician by day and web developer by evening. I have a wonderful woman, a great kid and cheeky grandma dog.  We currently live in Iceland next to a lush mountain (see picture on the left) and while Iceland is a peaceful country with stunning nature, we feel like it is not the right spot for us at the moment. We are considering relocating to another country – Canada, Norway, Denmark or possibly Austria? You can see me wave in front of yet another set of mountains in the picture to the right. It was taken during an exploration of Austria as a potential future home. Many more to follow!

Found My spot

Our own search for the perfect place in the world to live and raise our family has led us to the idea to create a space for people who might be in a similar situation, and for those who have already succeeded in finding their spot(s).

We give people the opportunity to share their very own, unique stories – from the initial thought process to settling into their new homes, positions, relationships, etc. We would love to hear about hardships that have been overcome and highs that have been celebrated.

We also hope to reach many a reader who might still be searching for their spot in life. May the stories of those who have already succeeded inspire and guide them, make them question their point of view and spark interest to explore the road less taken.

During this exciting journey, our family will join all of you readers who are still exploring. We might just find what we are not looking for.